Trades of found drawings

On the ground, on the corner of a desk, in a book… Did you find a drawing whose author it’s anonymous? Trade it for a badge! Produced in 500 specimens, the badge "Anonymous" is printed on varnished metal and is 3x3 cm.
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Quentin Chastagneret Quentin Chastagneret
Jérôme Lamoureux Jérôme Lamoureux
Paul Lahana Paul Lahana Paul Lahana
Nastassia Takvorian
Alice Allenet
Louise Siffert Louise Siffert
Florian Pentsch
Flore Eckmann
Luc Avargues
Mélanie Yvon
Marc Buchy
Max Bonhomme
Régis Jocteur Monrozier
Régis Jocteur Monrozier
Joana Zimmermann
Fabio Giampaoli
Vaché Olivieri Vaché Olivieri
Mahalia Kohnke Jehl
Julia Borderie
Linda Branco
Charlotte Nicoli Charlotte Nicoli
Gauthier Royal
Tania Geerbrandt
Io Burgard
Leia Galinier Perona
Antonio Demuro
Corine Forest
Mathilde Ganancia
Philippe Brière
Gabrielle Decazes
Cécile Wautelet
Marie Deren
Charlotte Jankowski
Margot Nguyen Margot Nguyen
Noé Grenier
Vincent Prieur
Maxime Boulet
Justine Shivay
Hugo Dietür
Estelle Cabannes
Véronique Glaize